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A kind of storytelling in Bavarian. Short, local episodes, human, unique and meaningful. Stories that make up everyday life. Everyday life that makes history.

1,5 Million tourists from all over the world visit the Neuschwanstein Castle every year.
Golf- Countryside- Rivers


More and more golfers are discovering what makes the Allgäu one of Germany’s most beautiful holiday regions. Hardly anyone who has visited it can resist the charms of its fascinating landscape and people. Let’s take a short tour of this popular holiday destination.

Golfclub Olching
Golf in Bavarias Capital

Munich's greens

Bavaria's capital city appeals to visitors with a multitude of tourist attractions. Thus far, golf has not been one of them. But why is this, actually?

Why Würzburg is much more than just another stop on the cruise


The quayside here is almost as busy as in Hamburg or Rotterdam, yet this hustle and bustle is tempered by the tranquil waters of the Main – the placid waterway into which Würzburg is delicately nestled. People travel from far and wide to see this delightful city, with scores of visitors from the USA and some tourists even coming from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand –quite literally the other side of the world.

"Fäsla" Bamberg
Beer in Upper Franconia

Something's brewing here

Upper Franconia offers a particularly tasty way to get to know Bavaria. Here, you can explore the beer of choice at one of its countless small breweries – while also playing the occasional game of golf.

Passau and Golf is a match.

In the heart of Europe

The Passau area has become a renowned golf destination.  Within 50 kilometers from the city, you can reach 20 golf courses in an hour of driving.

Don the golfer

Bavarian Master Architects

Almost one in five golf courses in Bavaria bears the signature of Donald Harradine and his son Peter. With their incredible architectural feats, they defined the style of an entire era and shaped a considerable portion of Bavaria's golf landscape.