Lower Bavaria

It is said that Lower Bavarians are reserved, but also liberal - no one is made to feel under any obligation. The Lower Bavarian is also peace-loving - one who tends more towards melancholy than a quick-temper. Though for some this - from a geographic standpoint - last corner of Germany may seem anything but exciting, it is this very fact which makes Lower Bavarians such great hosts. Lower Bavarians love their Heimat. They cherish it – and its proximity to major cities like Munich and Regensburg, not to mention the Czech Republic and Austria. Still, they’re far enough away to preserve their own identity and native traditions. The region spans from the Bavarian Forest in the north to the Danube valley and up to Bavaria’s land of golf and hot springs, located around the spa towns of Bad Griesbach and Bad Füssing. Passau is without a doubt a major tourist destination - the city where one can witness the spectacular confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers.

The medival Landshut Wedding
The medival Landshut Wedding (GettyImages)
In the Bavarian Forest you can find Lynx

Sehenswürdigkeiten und Golfclubs in der Region